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Why Is This Needed?

Suicide reaches into people’s lives in multiple ways: through the death or suicide attempt of a loved one, through their own former or cur- rent suicidal thinking, or through worries about others going through hard times. At this moment, 1 out of 2 people in most congregations are personally impacted by the reality of suicide. Many congregations experience deaths to suicide among their own members, skyrocketing the impact to 100% of the congregation. At any given time, 1 in 17 adults (according to Living Works) and 1 in 6 youth (CDC Report) are considering suicide.

What Will Happen During the Seminar?

This 90-minute training provides core guidance for congregations to respond to suicidality and other im- pacts of desperation in their com- munities. The seminar will provide practical steps to change the cul- ture. Together we hope to reduce the isolation and hopelessness of those impacted by suicidal desper- ation in our area.

Why Should EVERYONE Participate?

No one wants to ever perform CPR to save a life, but having the skills to deal with such a situation are invaluable. The same is true with dealing with suicide No one ever wants to address the situation, but being equipped with appropri- ate skills may also save a life. This course will help provide these skills.

What Is the Soul Shop Movement?

The Soul Shop Movement exists due to the need of desperately hurting people to be heard, no- ticed, and seen within their faith communities. Soul ShopTM provides training and support to faith com- munity members. Soul Shop recognizes that most congregations are not equipped to adequately respond to this need. As a result, we seek to equip congregations in responding to desperation.