Ministerial Staff

To send an email to our entire Ministerial Staff, use:

  • Dr. Greg Rogers


  • Rev. Michael McKnight

    Minister of Music

  • Rev. Steve Harding

    Minister of Media and Arts

  • Rev. Amy Andrews

    Minister of Youth and College

  • Rev. Joshua Breazeale

    Minister of Education and Children

  • Mrs. Jimmie Hughes

    Director of Missions

Support Staff

To send an email to our entire Support Staff, use:

  • Ms. Lauri Johnson

    Pastoral and Music Ministries Secretary

  • Mrs. Sally Pride

    Educational Secretary

  • Ms. Ruth Allen


  • Mr. Wayne Taylor

    Facilities Manager

  • Mrs. Beverly Butler

    Business Administrator

Additional Staff

Mr. Geremy Medlock  •  Oakmont Community Center Director

Mrs. Alisa Gilliam  •  Pianist

Mrs. Karen Meetze  •  Organist

Mr. Jim Gilliam  •  Music Assistant

Mrs. Caroline Bissette  •  Technical Assistant

Mr. Ethan Rogerson  •  Sexton

Mr. Roger Peery  •  Sexton

Mr. Jimmy Weaver  •  Sexton

Mr. Ardell Barr  •  Sexton