Connecting with Oakmont

  • Second Sunday Each Month

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    If you are new to Oakmont and want a quick overview of what we are all about, join us on the second Sunday of each month following either worship service and in 9 minutes (or less) you'll get a better understanding of Oakmont—who we are, what we believe, and what we do to serve Christ.

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    For people who want an in-depth introduction to the Oakmont Church Family.

    (This is our former Oakmont101)

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    Oakmont is conducting a one year experiment with a new way of connecting with Oakmont.  Instead of the traditional concept of membership, Oakmont invites people to be in Community or Covenant with our congregation.

  • Mission Statement

    Connecting lives with Christ as the center 

    by following God’s purpose—through reaching, serving, going, and growing in faith.

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