About Oakmont

Our Mission Statement:

Connecting lives with Christ as the center

by following God’s purpose – 

through reaching, serving, going, and growing

in faith.

While our Articles of Faith and Church Covenant offer the specifics of Oakmont's vision of being God's people, we are a church family who:

  • Believes in the Triune God expressed to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Recognizes and receives Jesus as the Savior and Lord of the world. 
  • Trusts the Bible as God's inspired, authoritative, and holy Word.
  • Affirms the priesthood of every believer and follower of Jesus, and competency of each person (soul competency) to interpret the scriptures, speak and listen to God in prayer, and receive forgiveness for sins as we confess them before God. Every Christian has the freedom, without interference or imposition of any clergy, creed, church, or government, to relate directly to God. 
  • Celebrates the autonomy of each local church to discern God's will under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and make decisions that are faithful to the calling of God.
  • Affirms the historic Baptist view of religious freedom for all persons and the separation of church and state.
  • Embraces an ecumenical spirit of working with other Christians and churches of all denominational perspectives to share the good news of Jesus, care for the sick and the poor, the homeless and socio-economically disadvantaged, children, youth and adults, to help them find physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness.
  • Celebrates that God calls men and women to serve as workers, teachers, deacons, and ministers in the life of our congregation.