Opportunity #1

Pack a Shoebox

Click HERE for more details on packing a box.

Bring filled boxes to the Gallery by November 20th.

Empty shoeboxes and instructions are also available in the Gallery.

Opportunity #2

Help with the Collection Week

November 13-20, 2016

Oakmont is a collection site for our area.

We'll be collecting shoeboxes from other churches and organizations from the surround area.

Volunteers are needed to check-in shoeboxes, pack shoeboxes into shipping boxes, and load shipping boxes onto trucks.

Sign up in the Narthex or Click HERE to sign up online.

Opportunity #3

Provide Supplies

We are having a church-wide packing party and we need supplies to put into 100 boxes.

Take a tag from the display in the Gallery or on the Children's Hall

Purchase the items

Return by November 16th

Packing Party

Sunday, November 19th

4-6 p.m.  •  Multi-Purpose Room

Everyone is invited to help pack 100 shoeboxes.

We'll pack boxes, have popcorn, and watch a movie.