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50 Ways to Be Missional at Oakmont

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Children's Musical

Sunday, May 4, 2014

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High in the mountains above a city near you, earth's noblest heroes have begun to assemble in the Fortress of Virtue. Known for extravagant displays of the highest virtues, they face a common enemy. Uniting together is their only defense to withstand the enemy's tricks that cannot be withstood alone. These heroes serve on the front lines every day, evidence of virtues available to every follower of Christ. On this day, a day like no other, they assemble together-The Agape League!

NC Baptist Singers & Orchestra

Click HERE to watch a video of the concert held at Oakmont during our 50th Anniversary Celebration year.

The North Carolina Baptist Singers & Orchestra includes ministers of music, church music directors, accompanists and other church musicians from across North Carolina.

“When more than 100 North Carolina Baptist music leaders, singers, and musicians from Murphy to Manteo get together, you know you’re in for an exciting evening,” says Andy Roby, Minister of Music at First Baptist Church in Shelby, faculty member at Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, and choral co-director of the group. “All of them sing well, and play well,” said Roby. “It can be a pretty glorious sound.”

Our own Minister of Music, Michael McKnight, is a member of this group. The group was originally formed more than 30 years ago as the Singing Churchmen. The group was renamed the North Carolina Singers & Orchestra as more women became music leaders in their churches and joined.

Deb Richardson-Moore

A Conversation with Deb Richardson-Moore

Wednesday  •  March 12, 2015

Click HERE to listen to the program [mp3 download].

Deb told her story and sharied some of the nuggets of truth and wisdom she has found along the way and why we should work among the poor.

Lunch and Dialogue with Deb

Thursday • March 13

Deb briefly told her story and gave insight for folks who are laready involved in poverty related ministies.

Ministry can be messy, complicated, and bewildering. Whether responding to the church alarm mysteriously and repeatedly going off in the middle of the night, firing a kitchen assistant with a habit of buying drugs from parishioners, or interacting with the Chicken-Eatin' Preacher from West Greenville (South Carolina), pastor Deb Richardson-Moore quickly admits that there is a great deal they do not teach you in seminary.  

Deb Richardson-Moore is the author of The Weight of Mercy, a frank and engaging account of the world of her work at the Triune Mercy Center in Greenville, South Carolina. The result is an honest look at the complications and difficulties surrounding her first years of ministry to homeless men and women suffering from mental illness, crack addictions, and alcoholism. At the same time, it is a humorous and deeply touching account of God’s grace manifested in the most remarkable of ways, whether in the inadvertent befriending of a mugger or in the unexpected witnessing of an addict tenderly washing another's wounded foot.

Click HERE to visit the web site of Triune Mercy Center .

Click HERE to listen to an interview with Deb from ETVSC.

Marc & KimWyatt

Marc and Kim Wyatt were the Guest Preachers at Oakmont on March 2, 2014 for both worship services at 9:40 and 11 a.m.  

Click HERE to watch a video of their sermon.

Marc and Kim have been Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Field Personnel in Canada. They are now...

Spirituality Retreat