Supplies (via Amazon)

Can't get to a store or have time to deliver supplies?

Here's an easy way to help.

Click HERE to go to a wish list on Amazon.

Have the supplies delivered to Oakmont and we'll get them where they are most needed.

Water and Non-Perishable Food

These items will be used with Grifton Missions Ministries  for those affected by the storm and those arriving to help in recovery.

Bottled Water

Regular Sized Non-Perishable Foods for Food Boxes

Large Sized Non-Perishable Foods for Serving Groups

Items for Hygiene Kits

Feminine Products

Travel Size Toiletries (soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, tooth brushes, etc.)

Bring to Oakmont and we'll prepare the kits and get to those in need.

Drop off in Room 410 near the carport entrance.

Muck Out Supplies


5 Gallon Buckets

Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves

Work Gloves


Dust Respirators (N-95 or Half Face Respirator with Disposable Cartridges)

Tyvek Suits



Mold Treatment

Flat Tipped Shovels

Heavy Duty Trash Bags

Bottled Water


Grifton Missions Ministries

Donate water and non-perishable food

Help serve food and provide clean up for those affected

South Roanoke Baptist Association

Help with feeding and recovery efforts in Washington, NC

Donate water and non-perishable food

Help Virginia Baptist Disaster Relief Volunteers serve food to those affected

Call 252-756-4332 to volunteer

Those affected can call 252-495-6040 for assistance.

NC Baptist Disaster Relief

Tim Etheridge from Washington, NC is recruiting volunteers for a team to cook and serve meals at NCBM Manna One in New Bern today through October 2, and is trying to recruit a second feeding team to go there for October 11-16.  Tim attends Riverview Baptist Church in Washington, 252-341-2828 cell, 

Click HERE for more information and to complete a volunteer form.

Alan Williams with NC CBF is coordinating mud-out teams in the Trenton area.  His number is 404-270-0772

Financial Contributions

Donations can be made through the NC Baptist Disaster Relief.

Click HERE to donate.