We believe Oakmonters are often ready and willing to serve within the church but may not know all of the opportunities.  Here are some unique areas where volunteers might be interested in helping.  Some folks will give an hour a month; others might serve multiple times.  

If interested, please contact the listed individual.


Men and Women-High School Age and Older

Help greet people as they enter the Sanctuary.

Help people find seats (especially those arriving after the service begins)

Help our Security Sexton by keeping a watchful eye for any difficulties.

Contacts:  Bud Wooten (wootenw@suddenlink.net), David Shopshire (dshopshire1@gmail.com)

or Keith Askew (keithaskew@CSALLC.com)


Individuals and Families

Greet people as they arrive to the building.

Stand at designated doors before and after service to assist people into the building.

Help those who are new find their way around the buildings facilities:

a Sunday School class, bathroom, welcome area where they can pick up weekly, monthly or quarterly materials,

as well as information about our Worship Services, etc.

Orientation Team

Men and Women—High School Age and Older

Greet those coming into Community and Covenant with Oakmont.

Help fill out information cards.

Stand in Narthex with new people.

Provide additional information and have people sign our registry.

Contact:  Margo Tulloss (margotulloss@hotmail.com)


Men and Women—High School Age and Older

When not using our pre-filled communion cups, 

you can help fill up the cups with grape juice in trays.

Help cut up the bread and place on trays.

Set up the Communion Table.

Clean up following the service.

Contact: Lauri Johnson (lauri@oakmontchurch.com)

or Brenda Burris (bkcurly@aol.com

Technical Ministries

Men and Women—High School Age or Older

Be a part of a team of 4+ people to run one portion of the equipment--cameras, sound, or projections.

Training provided.

Contacts:  Caroline Dail Bissette (cbissette1015@gmail.com)

Macon Dail (mdail@grn.ibb.gov