Deacon Ministry

The Diaconate serves along with the Pastor and church staff as a part of the pastoral care and leadership team for the church. Biblical qualifications for the office of Deacon can be found in 1 Timothy 3:8-13. Deacons minister to families during times of hospitalization, grief experiences, death, and family crises. Deacons also have a proclamation and leadership responsibility to the church as they lead in worship, and help to give overall direction in the spiritual aspects of church life. 

Deacon Ministry Responsibilities

Specific Deacon expectations responsibilities include the following: 

  • Be a resident, full member of Oakmont for at least one year, and at least 25 years old. 
  • Offer pastoral care and support to Oakmont members and families by serving on 1-2 deacon ministry teams based on one’s spiritual gifts, natural talents and abilities, a sense of calling by God, and a passion and interest for particular areas of service. 
  • Participate in a service of ordination and installation on during his or her regular worship hour. 
  • Participate in an orientation meeting in which a spiritual gifts inventory will be administered on or before the first Diaconate meeting. 
  • Attend and participate in Diaconate meetings (8-10 times per year) and Ministry Celebrations. 
  • Make home visits to all first-time guests on the Sundays in which one serves as a prayer partner. 
  • Serve communion on the first Sunday of each month and at other special worship services as assigned. 
  • Serve as spiritual leaders of our church, being men and women of spiritual maturity through prayer, 
  • Bible study, meditation, and worship. 
  • Be exemplary in one’s Christian living and witness, faithful in church attendance and in the life of the church, and committed to one of the founding, biblical principles of our church – tithing. 
  • Exhibit a loving, gracious, and mature spirit, promoting harmony and unity within our church family, dealing constructively with conflict. 
  • Offer visionary, “big picture” leadership, and guide the church family to that future where we can join God in His kingdom work. 
  • Act on certain business and employment interests of the church as prescribed in our by-laws, as well as serve as the corporate board of directors for Oakmont Baptist Church, Inc.

Class of 2019

Tim Britton

Carol A. Brown

Kahla Hall

Chris Davis

Sharron Edwards

Sylvia Fuller

Randy Fussell

Blair Vick

Class of 2020

Brad Bagley

Billy Smith

Beth Fry

Wiley Nifong

Gregg James

Jack Metts

Marguerite Stephens

Kathryn Carroll

Class of 2021

April Anderson

Barbara Dail

Jeff Hall

Cal Hayslip

Gerry Jolly

Bill Meetze

Annette Peery

Dot Seay

Class of 2022

Bebie Barrett

Nikki Carlyle

Ricky Castles

Ed Congleton

Anissa Davenport

Pattie Mills

Laura Morgan

Roger Peery

Kimberly Williamson

Lifetime Deacons

Greenville Banks, Jr.

Martha Banks

Jim Bearden

2018-2019 Deacon Guide