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Hanging of the Greens

December 4, 2016  •  6:30 p.m.

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Children's Musical

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Join our host, Blink Hostalot, and his assistants, Noel and Leon, as they quiz the Roaring Lions (Joy, the unenthusiastic cheerleader; Jennifer-Ann, the class president; Randal, the genius; and Zac, a skateboarding dude) and the Soaring Eagles (Tony, a biker; Savannah, a fast talker; Jimmy the class clown, and Mia who is painfully shy). Everyone learns what is false and what is true in the Christmas story in Fact or Fiction:  The Christmas Edition.

Ensemble's Concert

December 11, 2016  •  7:00 p.m.


The Labyrinth is available in the Multi-Purpose Room weekdays from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. and on Sunday mornings beginning December 6, 2016.

A labyrinth is a circular design, placed on the floor, which allows a person to walk the path to the center and return along the same path to the beginning. The purpose of the labyrinth is to allow people to come and find a space for prayer and meditation with God.

Christmas Village Toy Store

Thanks to everyone who contributed items and volunteered for the store.

Fair Trade Shopping

Check out the display in Grand Central of unique items that are all Fair Trade Certified. (Fair Trade products are slave-free, child-labor-free, and exploitation free.)

Opens December 4, 2016

All the proceeds will be used to help the work of Eastern North Carolina Stop Human Trafficking Now.

Click HERE to find out more about Eastern North Carolina Stop Human Trafficking Now.

Honor Card

Give a gift that helps those who have no home.

Purchase an Honor Card for $5 and send to someone instead of a traditional Christmas card or present. Your $5 will provide services for the homeless of Greenville and provide a way to honor those you love during this season.  All proceeds go for the work of the Community Crossroads Center (the former Greenville Community Shelter).

Click HERE for additional information about the cards.

Cards are available in Grand Central or the Church Office.


Over 13,000 boxes from the area were processed at Oakmont's collection center.

Almost 400 of those boxes were from Oakmonters!

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Christmas Eve Offering for Belize

Our Christmas Eve Offering will go to support the ministry of Eric and Julie Maas in Belize.

Click HERE to learn more about their ministry through Seek.Serve.Save

If you are not able to attend a Christmas Eve Service, you may still contribute to this offering  by contacting the Church Office.

Christmas Eve Services