When Things Happen

We have worship on Sunday Mornings at 9:40 and 11 o'clock.

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Who We Are

Oakmont Baptist Church is a missional church seeking to be the presence of Christ wherever we go and whatever we do. Since its formation on April 26, 1964 by 42 visionary and dedicated charter members, the Oakmont church family has been committed to reaching people for Jesus Christ, helping them grow and center their spiritual life in him, and then sending them out for missions, ministry, and service in the Greenville community and around the world. 

We believe that what we do outside the walls of our congregation is far more important than a single, inward focus on ourselves. Our purpose statement summarizes what we hope happens in our community of faith: "Connecting Lives With Christ as the Center - through reaching, growing, and going." Currently, we celebrate that over 1,200 resident members call Oakmont their church home. 

Oakmont connects with several Baptist groups in doing ministry and missions. The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina are our two most prominent ministry partners. In addition, Oakmont works with some of the ministries of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and the South Roanoke Baptist Association. Oakmont is also involved with other local ministry and non-profit groups that seek to care for the body, mind, and soul of people of all ages.

What to Expect

When you come in to the building on Sunday mornings you will likely find a lot of activity as people move through the hallways going to either Worship or Sunday School. With two worship hours and three Sunday School hours there is always a place to plug in. You will discover some people casually dressed and some in their "Sunday best." Oakmont Baptist Church typically has lots of guests each week so a guest won't necessarily stand out in the crowd. We believe that Oakmont is a warm and friendly church family and hope that you will find that to be true. 

On Wednesday evenings you will find people of all ages connecting in groups for music, mission study, youth worship, and adult group studies. We also have a Fellowship Supper where our church family gathers for fellowship. 

During the week you can experience a variety of activities including prayer groups, small group studies, and special events throughout the year. You will find that our ministerial staff consists of men and women of a variety of ages. 

When you attend Oakmont, expect to find & experience: 

  • an innovative and missional approach to being the church and connecting with our community and world. We live in the 21st century and we want to be a church that speaks to the needs and challenges of a 21st century world.
  • creative and vibrant worship, music, drama, the arts, and preaching that challenges those persons disconnected from a vital faith in Christ and encourages those persons who have embraced Jesus as Lord and Savior to live Christ-centered and Spirit-led lives. 
  • an integration of spiritual formation, discernment, and prayer in all we do—in our staff, Diaconate, and other leadership team meetings and church decision making, as well as our worship, teaching, and preaching, for all ages and life situations.
  • a belief that missions begins in our community, and extends around the world. We want to pray for, give to, and learn about missions; most importantly, however, we want to do missions and have a missional mindset.
  • a church staff who is gifted, likes each other and has fun with each other, and is committed to serving the Oakmont church family. Our 19 full and part-time staff have a cumulative tenure of over 140 years at Oakmont! We think that fact is a compliment both to the church family and to our staff who love being a part of this congregation.
  • a warm welcome to all who show up at Oakmont. We won't put you on the spot in worship if you are a guest and ask you to raise your hand, stand up, or wear a name tag no one else has on. We do ask all worship attenders to sign our fellowship pad and share their names and other relevant information so that we can stay connected.

What We Believe

     Oakmont's charter members in the first few years of the church's life developed Articles of Faith and a Church Covenant that describe in detail Oakmont's views on biblical and theological doctrines, as well as the practical implementation of our life together in Christ. 

     Briefly, we belive... 

  • in the Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), 
  • recognize Jesus as Savior and Lord, 
  • trust the Bible as God's Word, 
  • affirm the priesthood of every believer, 
  • celebrate the autonomy of each local church, 
  • affirm historical Baptist views, 
  • embrace an ecumenical sprit, and
  • affirm the call by God of all people to serve. 

     How we choose to relate to each other and treat our friends, neighbors, and even our enemies says more about the depth of our faith than what we say we believe doctrinally. Jesus reminded us of the importance of matching our beliefs with our behavior in Matthew 7:21 when he said, “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”

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How to Connect

Oakmont provides opportnites for worship, Bible study, spiritual growth, and service for every person of all ages. We offer programs and activities for people of all ages. 

  • Worship—We have worship services on Sunday mornings at 9:40 and 11 o'clock. 
  • Bible Study-Sunday School—We have Bible study on Sunday mornings through our Sunday School at 8:20, 9:40, and 11 o'clock.  We also have some groups that meet during the week in our building and at homes.
  • Spiritual Growth—We have opportunities for spiritual growth on Wednesday evenings and at other times during the week. 
  • Service—We have numerious opportunities to serve God within our church building, throughout our community and state, as well as around the world.

Common Questions

Can people join Oakmont prior to taking the Oakmont 101 class? 

We highly encourage individuals to take Oakmont 101 prior to joining Oakmont. We want you to have as much information about the church before making this important decision. We believe the Oakmont 101 experience will assist people prayerfully to discern God's will for their lives. 

Click HERE to learn more about Oakmont 101. 

Can I get married in your sanctuary? 

Our facilities and ministerial staff is available to all church members and their immediate family for weddings. 

Click HERE to find our Wedding Policies. 

How do I make an appointment to see a minister? 

Feel free to contact the minister directly by phone or email and he or she will work with you to schedule an appointment. 

Click HERE to go to our Staff Pages for e-mail addresses and phone extensions. 

What are your office hours? 

We are open Monday through Friday from 9 am - 5 pm.

How do I know which hour of worship and Sunday School to attend? 

Because the style of the two worship services is different for each, you should probably visit both services and then decide on a worship hour then you will know which Sunday School hour to attend.  If you attend 9:40 worship, you may attend the 8:20 Sunday School (adults only) or the 11:00 Sunday School. If you select the 11:00 Emerge worship experience, then you will probably attend Sunday School at 9:40. 

Do you have an evening worship service? 

No. There are various musical ensembles and youth groups which meet on Sunday evenings. 

Do you have a weekday preschool program? 

No. However, there are numerous churches in town that have weekday preschool programs. 

Do you have Children's Church? 

No. When preschoolers move into the 5-year-old class, we expect them to attend worship with their parents. Being part of a caring church family in an environment that allows them to see worship as part of their family's routine. Preschoolers can observe much about faith at that age through participation in worship in addtion to the teaching they receive in Sunday Scholl. 

Where does my baby go during the worship service? 

Babies and other prechoolers (through our 4-year-old class) have age appropriate classes during both worship and Sunday School. These classes are located on the Preschool Hall. To reach the Preschool Hall from the Sanctuary, go down the Gallery (the red hallway), and continue straight down the Preschool Hall. 

What type of security for preschoolers and children do you have? 

Each preschooler and child is registered through out Check-Point system. Stickers are supplied to both the parent and the child with a unique security number. Parents must present their sticker at the end of the class to be matched with the sticker number on the child. 

How will I know if my preschooler needs me? 

We use a paging system with all of our preschoolers. When you use the Check-Point system you will select a pager (for preschoolers ages 5 and younger).  Place the pager where you can feel it vibrate and the preschool teachers will page you if they need you. 

How did Oakmont get its name? 

The church in 1964 chose the name of the neighborhood that surrounded the church property, which is still referred to as Oakmont.

Does Oakmont still cooperate with the Southern Baptist Convention? 

We are primarily a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina congregation. All of our funding for missions (with the exception of some gifts made by members to the SBC Lottie Moon Offering for International Missions and the Annie Armstrong Offering for the North American Mission Board) goes to other Baptist and ecumenical causes. We do, however, participate in some mission work with SBC missionaries.