Deacon Ministry

The Diaconate serves along with the Pastor and church staff as a part of the pastoral care and leadership team for the church. Biblical qualifications for the office of Deacon can be found in 1 Timothy 3:8-13. Deacons minister to families during times of hospitalization, grief experiences, death, and family crises. Deacons also have a proclamation and leadership responsibility to the church as they lead in worship, and help to give overall direction in the spiritual aspects of church life. 

  • Class of 2017

    Scott Anderson

    Helen Aycock

    Greenville Banks, Jr. 

    Jeff Bell

    Charlie Justice

    Parker Morgan

    Robert Still

    Ben Wilson

  • Class of 2018

    Ashley Barker

    Lee Hendricks

    Butch Jones

    T. J. Long

    Ron Mills

    Tom Morse

    Faye Steele

    John Tulloss

    Mac Williamson

  • Class of 2019

    Tim Britton

    Carol A. Brown

    Chris Davis

    Sharron Edwards

    Sylvia Fuller

    Randy Fussell

    Kahla Hall

    Blair Vick

  • Class of 2020

    Brad Bagley

    Kathryn Caroll

    Beth Fry

    Wiley Nifong

    Gregg James

    Jack Metts

    Billy Smith

    Marguerite Stephens

  • Class of 2021

    April Anderson

    Barbara Dail

    Jeff Hall

    Cal Hayslip

    Gerry Jolly

    Bill Meetze

    Annette Peery

    Dot Seay

  • Lifetime Deacons

    Greenville Banks, Jr.

    Martha Banks

    Jim Bearden

Deacon Ministry Responsibilities

Specific Deacon expectations responsibilities include the following: 

  • Be a resident, full member of Oakmont for at least one year, and at least 25 years old. 
  • Offer pastoral care and support to Oakmont members and families by serving on 1-2 deacon ministry teams based on one’s spiritual gifts, natural talents and abilities, a sense of calling by God, and a passion and interest for particular areas of service. 
  • Participate in a service of ordination and installation on during his or her regular worship hour. 
  • Participate in an orientation meeting in which a spiritual gifts inventory will be administered on or before the first Diaconate meeting. 
  • Attend and participate in Diaconate meetings (8-10 times per year) and Ministry Celebrations. 
  • Make home visits to all first-time guests on the Sundays in which one serves as a prayer partner. 
  • Serve communion on the first Sunday of each month and at other special worship services as assigned. 
  • Serve as spiritual leaders of our church, being men and women of spiritual maturity through prayer, 
  • Bible study, meditation, and worship. 
  • Be exemplary in one’s Christian living and witness, faithful in church attendance and in the life of the church, and committed to one of the founding, biblical principles of our church – tithing. 
  • Exhibit a loving, gracious, and mature spirit, promoting harmony and unity within our church family, dealing constructively with conflict. 
  • Offer visionary, “big picture” leadership, and guide the church family to that future where we can join God in His kingdom work. 
  • Act on certain business and employment interests of the church as prescribed in our by-laws, as well as serve as the corporate board of directors for Oakmont Baptist Church, Inc.